Ecological protection, technological innovation
Energy saving and emission reduction, sustainable development


Integrating the research, development, production and sales of solvent-spun cellulose fibers and related products, Shandong Yingli Industrial Co., Ltd. is the national production and RD base for new environmentally-friendly and renewable cellulose fibers, and one of China’s core enterprises for the construction of new bio-based material industry clusters. Positioned at high-end technologies, the company follows a path of introduction, digestion, absorption and recreation. It has built an internationally-leading production line of solvent-spun cellulose fibers with an annual output of 15,000 tons...




Yingli Industrial 


Energy saving and

environmental protection



Adhering to the spirit of sustainable development, we practice corporate social responsibility in the company's talents, retail supply chain, environment, ecological protection and community, charitable and other value chains, and actively contribute to society and the public...


From nature to nature

Water, sunshine, trees,
It is the best gift of nature to mankind. Musail follows the laws of nature,
Bring nature's purest tenderness into human life.




Professional Safety

We actively build a safe production environment. Under the guidance of the principle of “people-oriented, safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management, sustainable development”...


Environmental Protection

Introduce the concept of recycling production and resource reuse into production and operation. Through comprehensive control of waste recycling and pollutant emissions...


Caring For Employees

We adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, we have established a sound talent management mechanism to absorb and nurture talent for sustainable development...


Management Quality

We have always adhered to the principle of “share sharing, risk sharing, and common development” to create an excellent procurement supply chain system as the ultimate goal ...

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