The company held key project progress notification and corporate security conference

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The company held key project progress notification and corporate security conference

On November 1, 2019, the group company held the Insel Cell Line B project progress notification and enhanced corporate security special meeting. Chairman Han Rongzheng attended and notified and deployed the relevant situation. Members of the company's leadership team, heads of functional departments and Some employee representatives attended the meeting.

The conference first briefed on the important progress of the recent Yingsaier B line project, the installation of large-scale key equipment, and the progress of the commissioning and installation of various information systems, and requested and deployed the equipment installation and commissioning plan for the next stage of the project, and communicated it. Fruitful achievements in scientific research such as project investment and patent property rights. During the project construction process, the various departments of the Group closely focused on the unified deployment of the company's leaders, and the B-line project leadership and implementation team worked closely together and accurately to ensure the smooth construction of the project. At the same time, the conference informed the company's security situation, and made arrangements for the next steps to strengthen security.

Finally, the meeting put forward requirements for all employees: on the one hand, we must continue to fully support the construction of the B-line project to ensure that the project can be successfully put into operation and achieve results; on the other hand, we must increase the awareness of confidentiality and strictly abide by the company's confidentiality system.


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