New Life, New Starting Point, New Journey-Jin Yingli Held a Symposium for New Employees

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New Life, New Starting Point, New Journey-Jin Yingli Held a Symposium for New Employees

On the morning of September 19, 2019, Jin Yingli's 2019 new employee seminar was grandly held in the company's large conference room. Chairman of the group company Han Ronghuan attended and made important speeches. Zhang Gengmin and Pan Zhaojun, deputy general managers, and Li Xiaodong, project manager of Insell Director of the Scientific Research Center Li Yongwei and sales manager Fan Zhian attended the meeting and made a speech. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Keming, Minister of Human Resources. The symposium enhanced mutual understanding, built consensus, and established confidence for new employees.

Chairman Han Rongzhen explained the company's scientific research level, industry status, strategic development planning, etc., and introduced the company's talent strategy. President Han said that the company's core competitiveness comes from talents, and the company always attaches importance to the construction of talent teams. In Jin Yingli, a technology-oriented enterprise full of creativity and innovation, glowing with new vitality and new thinking, and with unlimited development space and development prospects, whether it has management or technical talents, as long as it continues to learn and work hard, it will definitely be able to Show your talents and make achievements. In the end, President Han put forward several requirements: to be a good new employee, to be good at a new post, and to achieve new results.

At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Zhang Gengmin introduced the basic situation and corporate policies of Jinyingli Company, combined with his own feelings and specific examples, introduced the company's corporate culture and humanistic spirit, and encouraged new employees to take the factory as their home and unity. Colleagues, love collective, and achieve common development of enterprises and individuals. Pan Zhaojun, the deputy general manager, explained the company's leading position in the industry from the international and domestic markets, and objectively described the company's capabilities in the field of green fiber production through the proportion of product production and sales in market demand. Important influence. Insell project manager Li Xiaodong introduced the project's production and operation situation, and focused on specific jobs, requiring new employees to seriously study, unite colleagues, familiarize with the post as soon as possible, and improve professional skills. The director of the research center, Li Yongwei, combined with his personal career development experience, enthusiastically described the importance of hard work for personal career development. He hoped that new employees can take root in the enterprise, work hard, create opportunities and achieve brilliant achievements. Fan Zhian, the sales manager, introduced the performance advantages and application areas of the company's products, and explained the company's huge market potential and broad development space.
Subsequently, the new employee representatives made a speech. The new employees stated that they would love their positions, cherish opportunities, unite colleagues, create achievements in the company, and realize personal value.
After the forum, the Human Resources Department organized a group photo of newly recruited employees for a group photo and a group visit.

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