The company successfully held the 2019 autumn employee sports meeting

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The company successfully held the 2019 autumn employee sports meeting

On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in order to enrich the amateur life of employees, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and improve the sense of collective honor, on September 30, 2019, Shandong Yingli Group 2019 Autumn Games kicked off. Group Chairman Han Rongzheng attended the meeting, and Chairman of the Trade Union Pan Zhaojun mobilized before the game and emphasized the rules of the game.

In order to enrich the content of the game, the game includes competitive and interesting events such as tug-of-war, basketball, table tennis, billiards, shuttlecocks, skipping ropes, leggings, and scoring. It is divided into 6 teams. The sports meeting received the warm response and active cooperation of the majority of cadres and employees. On the playing field, each Yingli athlete took the lead, actively worked hard, and won the honor, and the Yingli athlete was in style. Under the stadium, cheers and cheers The laughter was endless, showing a good spirit of unity and hard work.

After a fierce competition and competition, the Games successfully ended. The sports will greatly enhance the enthusiasm of the employees to work hard, and at the same time, promoted the communication between the departments, strengthened the cohesion within the departments, and built for the employees A stage for joyful movement and talent display.

After the Games, the majority of employees will be put into work with a better spirit and a fuller mental state, injecting new impetus into the company's development.

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