The company won the "new product research and development and promotion of innovative enterprises" title

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The company won the "new product research and development and promotion of innovative enterprises" title

 In order to encourage and support the R & D and application of new products in chemical fiber enterprises, combined with the selection of Chinese fiber epidemic trend in recent years, the China Chemical Fiber Association carried out the application activities of new products R & D and promotion of innovative enterprises in chemical fiber industry in 2019. After independent application and information audit, Shandong Yingli Industrial Co., Ltd. was successfully selected for its practice and achievements in the research and development and promotion of cellulose fiber by new solvent method.


 Shandong Yingli Industrial Co., Ltd. implements the strategy of innovation-driven development, puts scientific and technological innovation at the core of the overall development situation, aims to enhance the core competitiveness of cellulose fiber industry technology in the new solvent method, gathers innovative resources, jointly develops the core production technology, common technology and key technology of cellulose fiber in the new solvent method, breaks through the obstacles of industrial development, and realizes the organic combination of production, learning, research and use.


The new solvent-based cellulose fiber has become a new industry in textile industry because of its characteristics of green environmental protection, total degradation of waste and renewable raw materials. The scientific and technological innovation of the company starts from the market demand, develops each kind of functional new product, has made the important contribution to the new solvent method cellulose fiber industry chain development and the promotion.


 In the next step, the company will continue to strengthen scientific research in accordance with the unified requirements of the Chemical Fiber Association, continue to promote the basic research and innovation drive pace of the chemical fiber industry, and make every effort to promote the high quality development of the chemical fiber industry.

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