Shandong Jinying Lieser fiber single-line Nissan new high

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Shandong Jinying Lieser fiber single-line Nissan new high

On June 29, Shandong Jinyingli New Materials Technology Co., Ltd .(" Shandong Jinyingli ") produced 15000 tons of non-original fiber Lessel fiber production line intelligent upgrading project successfully up to the standard of production and operation. This marks Shandong Jinyingli and even domestic Lessel fiber industry production into a new situation.


Shandong Jinyingli 15000 ton non-fibrillated Lessel fiber production line is the first non-fibrillated Lessel fiber intelligent manufacturing digital production line, but also one of the key to achieve industrial breakthrough of regenerated cellulose fiber. After one-time commissioning, key spinning equipment synchronous operation, intelligent upgrading to achieve quality and efficiency and other key nodes, recently, the company's technical personnel to the production equipment, process parameters, intelligent software has been a new optimization, successfully realized the localization of ten thousand tons of Lessel fiber intelligent, industrial production. At present, the only one in China has an annual production of 15000 tons of primary fiber and non-primary fiber  Shandong Jinyingli focuses on the new technology and new kinetic energy of textile industry, actively builds a new model of green fiber intelligent manufacturing, and overcomes the technical difficulties through the cooperation of industry, university and research. It has made important contributions to the high quality and high efficiency development of biological fiber industry and the transformation and upgrading of chemical fiber industry in China.


 Relying on the independent innovation ability formed by the cooperation of industry, university and research for many years, Shandong Jinyingli has carried out intelligent manufacturing exploration practice in the field of regenerated cellulose fiber manufacturing by new solvent method, independently developed the core technologies such as the whole line integrated control system, and established the independent intellectual property system. A new intelligent manufacturing model of regenerated cellulose fiber by new solvent method, which can be replicated and popularized in the industry, has been formed, leading the transformation and upgrading of chemical fiber industry.


 The new solvent cellulose fiber, also known as leisel fiber, which is made of wood pulp as main raw material, nitrogen methyl oxide morpholine as solvent and directly prepared by dry wet spinning, belongs to biological new material and advanced textile raw material. It is an important part of China's strategic emerging industry. It has the characteristics of renewable raw material source, clean production process, excellent product performance and biodegradable waste. It has no pollution to the environment and is called "green fiber" in the 21st century.


 Leisel fiber has the advantages of high dry strength, wet strength, soft cotton, polyester strength, smooth silk, easy dyeing, high spinnability and so on. It integrates green, technology and fashion. Its fabric has excellent touch, moisture absorption and breathable, soft drape, bright color and not easy to deform. It is mainly used in the field of high-grade clothing, home textile and industrial textiles.


 In 2020, the cross-linked new solvent regenerated cellulose fiber produced by Jin Yingli in Shandong Province was successfully selected as the popular trend of Chinese fiber 2020/2021 by virtue of its good moisture absorption and wear resistance.

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