Exhibitors China Textile YarnExpo (Autumn and Winter)

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Exhibitors China Textile YarnExpo (Autumn and Winter)


  From September 23 to 25,2020 Yarnexpo China International Textile Yarn Exhibition opened successfully in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Many exhibitors from home and abroad have brought a series of recycled yarn and fiber products. The company adheres to the concept of "green manufacturing, ecological future ", carrying Yingsel fiber boutique appearance, relying on" advanced technology, cutting-edge manufacturing, superior quality ", attracting a large number of domestic and foreign customers to stop to watch and exchange negotiations. In the maintenance of old customers on the basis of the development of a number of potential customers.

 The products on display are the company's main products Yingsel fiber and yarn. During the exhibition, with a deep understanding of the company's products, sales and reception staff received each customer with a good spirit, and introduced the company's products in detail. At the same time, prepared Chinese and English two font brochures and promotional films. During the exhibition, with high-quality products and excellent quality attracted a large number of participants to stop, cooperation negotiations.

 Nowadays, environmental protection is paid more and more attention. Because of the general promotion of people's consumption concept, the comfort, health and safety of products is an important consideration for consumers in clothing selection. As a raw material, Yingsel fiber, with the concept of green health, has never stopped in the pace of production and innovation. The company's business team and a number of enterprises for the next step to create good conditions for in-depth cooperation.

 The exhibition further promoted the company's Yingsel products, expanded Yingsel fiber brand influence, the development of potential customers played a positive role. In the next stage of development, Jin Yingli is willing to work hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life to achieve good results.

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