China advanced fiber material industry development strategy research (7 kinds of fiber depth analysis)!

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China advanced fiber material industry development strategy research (7 kinds of fiber depth analysis)!

China's chemical fiber production ranks first in the world and is a pillar industry of the national economy. At present, there are still outstanding problems in the development of chemical fiber industry. It is urgent to speed up the development of advanced fiber material industry and promote the high quality development of chemical fiber industry and textile industry. In this paper, the development status, challenges and trend of advanced fiber materials in China are analyzed based on three kinds of advanced fiber materials: differential functional fiber, high performance fiber and biological fiber. On this basis, facing the future demand, the key tasks of the future development of China's advanced fiber material industry are to break through the key core technologies to form iconic products, improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, strengthen the construction of independent innovation capacity, and strengthen the construction of scientific and technological talents. This paper puts forward some development suggestions from the aspects of strengthening the research of industrial development strategy, perfecting the construction of industrial science and technology innovation system, strengthening the support and leading role of science and technology, supporting the internationalization of backbone enterprises and overall development, in order to provide theoretical reference for promoting the high quality development of fiber material industry in China.
 I. Foreword
 China is the world's most complete chemical fiber industry chain, rich varieties, the largest scale, the most complete industrial matching producer, consumer and export countries. Chemical fiber products are widely used in the fields of transportation, environmental protection, safety protection, geotechnical construction, medical and health care, aviation, aerospace, national defense and military industry, in addition to traditional textile, clothing, household and other consumer goods. The rapid development of chemical fiber industry in China began at the end of the 20th century. With the continuous breakthrough of polyester fiber localization technology and equipment, the production cost is significantly reduced and the production capacity increases rapidly. In 2019, China's chemical fiber production is about 5.95×107 t, accounting for 80% of the global total chemical fiber production. At present, the development of chemical fiber industry in China is faced with some outstanding problems, such as the phenomenon of qualitativeization, which seriously leads to low added value of products, the quality and cost of high performance fibers do not have market competitive advantage, and the production scale and cost of biological fiber products are small. At present, under the background of international textile industry division of labor, these problems restrict the sustainable development of chemical fiber industry in China, and it is difficult to form the international competitive advantage of industry. Advanced basic fiber materials (referred to as advanced fiber materials) refer to materials that can be produced on a large scale and widely used with one or more of the following characteristics: good physical and mechanical properties and quality; new functions of materials can be given by physical and chemical means while ensuring physical and mechanical properties meet applications; green level can be improved throughout the life cycle; manufacturing efficiency and product quality of fiber materials can be improved through digital, flexible and intelligent manufacturing processes, and energy consumption and material consumption can be significantly reduced.
 This paper focuses on the most important differentiated functional fibers, high performance fibers and biological based fiber varieties of advanced fiber materials, analyzes the current situation, challenges and future development trends of China's advanced fiber materials industry, summarizes the key tasks of future development, and puts forward development suggestions. To provide reference for the development of industries and enterprises.
 II. Current Situation of Advanced Fiber Material Industry in China
 (1) In recent years, China's chemical fiber production capacity has continued to expand rapidly

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