The antibacterial effect of antibacterial Lyocell fiber knitted fabrics reached AAA national standard

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The antibacterial effect of antibacterial Lyocell fiber knitted fabrics reached AAA national standard

Differential functional fiber is the overall trend of the development of advanced fiber materials industry in China, and Lyocell fiber is the fastest, most representative and most valuable fiber variety in the current green biological base material industry. The antibacterial Lyocell fiber is the differential functional biological fiber developed by Shandong Jinyingli Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and the application of Lyocell fiber antibacterial technology will significantly enhance the added value of Lyocell fiber and downstream terminal products.
 Shandong Jin Yingli insists on scientific and technological innovation to achieve industrial breakthrough. After effective scientific research and production practice by R & D team, he took the lead in overcoming antibacterial Lyocell fiber production technology in China and tested it according to FZ/T 73023-2006 evaluation standard. Fiber antibacterial index reached more than 99%, reaching the highest fiber antibacterial standard.
 Antibacterial Lyocell fiber effect has been affirmed, but its fabric antibacterial effect can continue to maintain, dyed fabric antibacterial effect, and can meet the industry's highest standards?
 Recently, the domestic authoritative testing qualification Institute of Shandong Jinyingli 15% antibacterial Lyocell fiber grey cloth and dyeing cloth at the same time. The test report shows that the antibacterial effect of antibacterial Lyocell fiber fabric on all three test items of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans is far beyond the industry standard, and the antibacterial effect is remarkable, reaching the highest AAA level of the national test standard. However, even after washing more than 50 times, the antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect of antibacterial Lyocell fabric is still far beyond the national antibacterial standard, which can effectively inhibit the regeneration and reproduction of bacteria.
 Shandong Jinyingli antibacterial Lyocell fabric has a good antibacterial effect, can inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria to maintain the safety of fabric, can prevent mildew and deodorization to keep the fabric clean, and can avoid the propagation of bacteria to reduce the risk of retransmission.
 Antibacterial Lyocell fiber for green fiber extension inserted on the wings.

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