Building up confidence and overcoming difficulties The company successfully held 2020 work summary and 2021 work deployment conference

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Building up confidence and overcoming difficulties The company successfully held 2020 work summary and 2021 work deployment conference

On December 30, the coming of New Year's Day, Shandong Jin Yingli successfully held the 2020 work summary and 2021 work deployment conference, the company's leading group members, heads of departments, cadres and workers representatives and more than 300 people attended the conference, the meeting was presided over by General Manager Li Yubo, the conference summarized the overall work situation in 2020,2021 work focus on important arrangements.
 The meeting first reported the production and operation of Jin Yingli Company in 2020. Li said that this year, affected by the new crown epidemic, the global economy is shrinking, industry development is constrained, but all cadres and workers face up to the pressure, overcome difficulties, still made certain achievements: production to overcome technical barriers, funds, equipment and other difficulties, constantly optimize the process, on time to meet production standards; the market is affected by the macroeconomic situation downturn, slow growth of market demand, consumer awareness needs to be improved, market sales are facing greater pressure, but with the gradual disappearance of various adverse factors, sales situation is steadily improving; In terms of new product development, the company has set up a number of task groups to organize the development of antibacterial, cross-linked and flame-retardant Lessel fiber tests and has achieved many important results, which are being applied and popularized. In terms of personnel and wages, the company tries its best to ensure that wages are not reduced without lowering wages.
 The conference set out the three principles of "three guarantees "," three reductions" and "threefold points" in 2021, namely, to ensure circulation, stability and benefit, to reduce personnel, consumption and cost, to re-sell, to re-develop and to re-manage. In         addition, the meeting also elaborated on the specific implementation measures and work arrangements for the key work next year, requiring all cadres and workers to closely unite around the company's leadership, build confidence, self-pressure, and strive hard to achieve the company's various business objectives.

 At the meeting, Chairman Liu Zixing made an important speech. He encouraged all cadres and workers to build up confidence, face up to pressure and work hard. Chairman Liu analyzed the various pressures facing the company, objectively pointed out the competitive advantages of the company, and once again strengthened the confidence of the staff and workers. He pointed out the basic requirements of striving for success: first, we must adhere to steady progress and achieve high-quality development; second, division of labor is relative, cooperation is eternal, and we must adhere to the spirit of cooperation; third, everyone is a profit growth point. Everyone is a source of cost control.
 Han Ronghuan, deputy general manager, put forward instructions for next year's work. He asked all staff and workers to do a good job of "three guarantees ", that is, to ensure full capacity production, to ensure a balance between production and marketing, to ensure the rights and interests of shareholders and workers, and to push the company situation to a new high. At the end of the meeting, General Manager Li Yubo made a concluding speech. He asked all cadres and workers to conscientiously carry out the spirit of the meeting into next year's work. Under the correct leadership of the company, Jin Yingli will certainly be able to overcome difficulties and create brilliance again!

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