Provincial Environmental Protection Department to inspect new sewage project

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Provincial Environmental Protection Department to inspect new sewage project

The leaders of Provincial and municipal Environmental Protection Office came to visit our company and acceptance of new sewage treatmentproject on October 20, 2012, the leaders of the company carried out a detailed project description,the provincial Department of EnvironmentalProtection given fully affirmed and highly appraised for the company's new projects.
The new sewage treatment project has daily capacity of  processing 1,000 tons of industrial waste water with a total investment 16.8 million yuan, the new 864 square meters workshop for sewage treatment plant, the volume of over 4000 cubic meters of three biochemical pool, purchase a total of nine sets of device such as three-way desalination plant, catalytic cracking unit, oxidation unit, IC oxygen devices, biochemical devices, lay 12,000 kilometers pipelines for various purpose of wastewater collection, treatment, reuse and others. After construction it can greatly improve the efficiency of circulation and to reduce the discharge of sewage, make a great significance for safety and environmental protection .

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