Zhang Zhihai, Deputy Secretary General of Weifang Municipal Government

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Zhang Zhihai, Deputy Secretary General of Weifang Municipal Government

On the morning of November 22, 2019, Comrade Zhang Zhihai, Deputy Secretary-General of Weifang Municipal Government, led a team to visit the company. Pan Zhaojun, Deputy General Manager, and Li Yongwei, Director of the Scientific Research Center, welcomed him.


    Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Zhihai and his party visited the Insale Science and Technology Museum, watched the corporate video, and experienced the excellent quality of Insale fiber. They also had an in-depth understanding of the advanced production process of Insale fiber. Director Li Yongwei introduced that Insell fiber is a green bio-based fiber produced by the organic solvent spinning method using pulp formed from natural plant fibers as a raw material. Insell fiber and products are environmentally friendly, excellent in performance, and widely used. Has great development and utilization value. The company Yingsail Fiber has successfully passed the Green Fiber Certification of China Chemical Fiber Association and the Certification of Swiss Ecological Textiles, and is widely used in high-end clothing, home textiles, medical and health materials and other fields. Our company has taken the lead in overcoming key technologies for the industrialization of 10,000-tonne new solvent cellulose fibers in the country, and successfully achieved the stable and stable production of 10,000-tonne Insell fibers, filling domestic gaps and achieving international leadership for traditional viscose fibers. Upgrading has laid a solid foundation. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to scientific research and innovation. It has actively explored preparation methods, expanded raw materials, functional research, control system integration, and equipment domestic manufacturing, and has extensively carried out cooperation with well-known universities and research institutes. Many achievements have also created favorable conditions for the in-depth development of Insel fibers.


    The visiting leaders highly appreciated the company's innovative development strategy and fully affirmed the superior performance and development prospects of Insell products. He also said that Shandong Yingli Industrial's active transformation, innovative technology, and efforts to promote the new materials industry have positive significance for accelerating the integration of industrial chain resources and promoting the city's economic development.

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